Fast Home Selling Tips

The key to selling your home fast is to make the buyer WANT it. Specialists in fast home selling say that the best way to do that is to make your prospective buyer feel good in the home you're selling. You can use a combination of psychological tricks and smart selling to make your prospective buyers feel right at home in your property from the moment they pull up at the curb.

Fast Home Selling Tip #1 - Enhance your home's curb appeal.

Take a look at the home you're selling from the curb. The first view people get of your property will be the one most likely to decide whether they're be receptive to buying or not. Straighten up the yard, trim all the bushes and pretty up the frontage. A border of flowers or even pots on the sides of the stairs to the front door will make a world of difference in the first impression that prospective buyers get of your house.

Fast Home Selling Tip #2 - Perk up the entrance to your home.

Paint the door a cheerful color - blue, red or yellow makes the entryway to your home more appealing. If the door opens into an entry hall, hang a mirror on the wall beyond the door - it's a quick psychological trick used by realtors to help people envision themselves in THIS home.

Fast Home Selling Tip #3 - Price Your House Right

Make sure that you price your house right. Check to see what other homes in your area have sold for recently, and price your home within a few thousand dollars for the fastest sale.

Fast Home Selling Tip #4 - Be Ready to Negotiate

Stick to your selling price, but be ready to negotiate on other things. Perhaps you can absorb closing costs, or include special amenities (the portable dishwasher? the family room set in the basement?)

Fast Home Selling Tip #5 - Consider Lease to Own

If you don't need the equity from the sale of this house to put down on a new one, consider arranging a lease to own option with a prospective buyer. It will pay your mortgage and allow your buyers the time to put together a bigger down payment or spruce up credit.

Fast Home Selling Tip #6 - Have Your Home Pre-Inspected

Save time by engaging a home inspector yourself. Your buyer may still prefer to pay for an inspection of his own, but having a current, independent home inspection may save time and hasten closing day.

Fast Home Selling Tip #7 Show Your Home In Its Best Light

Everyone looks best in the right light - and your home is no different. Take advantage of time of day to help you in selling your house fast. Schedule showings for the time of day that your house looks its best - whether it's an early weekend morning or after dinner when the sun is just setting.


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