Nine Home Selling Steps to Get Your House Ready To Sell

The secret to selling your house fast and at the price you want is in having your house looking its best at all times. Here are nine simple home selling steps to get your house ready to go on the market.

Home Selling Step 1. Take Stock.

Grab a notebook, pen and fearless friend and spend a few hours taking stock of the situation. Walk around the house starting with the curb, and make notes in your notebook of anything that needs fixing, sprucing up, replacing or repairing.

Home Selling Step 2. Take care of repairs.

Schedule repairs first, especially if they're repairs that you can't do yourself. Roof, gutters, leaky furnace - whatever it is that you need to get done, schedule the work and get it out of the way.

Home Selling Step 3. Perk up the landscaping.

The first impression your house makes on a prospective buyer is the most important one. If your lawn is shaggy, your bushes are unruly and your trees are hanging dangerously low, fix it up to make it all pretty before you invite buyers to come see it.

Home Selling Step 4. Give the house a facelift.

Repainting the house is your best option, but if you can't do that give the vinyl siding a good scrub down, clean and straighten the shutters and clean out the gutters. The better your house looks, the better the chances of selling your house.

Home Selling Step 5. Start with the floors inside.

Carpets and floors make a bigger impression than most people realize. Replace worn tiles, refresh old carpet and refinish wood floors to give the house a brand new look and feel.

Home Selling Step 6. Give the walls a fresh face.

Take everything off your walls, scrub them down and give them a fresh coat of paint. Go with warm neutrals - beige, pale yellow or rose. They're colors that make everyone feel good and look their best. When you're done painting - don't put anything back up.

Home Selling Step 7. De-clutter the rooms.

Get rid of all personal belongings that are hanging around the place. Strip closets, take down pictures from walls, pare tables and counters down to the bare surface. The look you're going for is pristine and clean.

Home Selling Step 8. Get your house spotless - and keep it that way.

Wash windows, sills and trim. Scrub the places that dirty fingerprints collect - around light fixtures and doorknobs, at hand level around doors. Give the carpets a good cleaning and wash and wax all the floors. Get the house spotless, from top to bottom.

Home Selling Step 9. Keep it that way.

Once the house is on the market, keep the house in move in condition. Avoid clutter, keep kids' toys packed away, and make sure that beds are made and dishes done at all times. The more pristine and unlived in your house appears, the easier it will be for your buyers to think of it as theirs.

That's it - nine simple home selling steps to getting your house ready to sell - and sell fast.


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