Real Estate Web Site Content That Sells Your House Fast!

The internet is one of the best new tools to help you sell your house fast. By picking and choosing the right real estate web site content, you can spark interest in the property that you're selling without having casual lookers tromping through your house. If you're preparing to sell your house on your own, take the time to explore a few real estate web sites for content and see what kind of content makes you want to look at a house more closely.

There are several types of real estate web sites available to you. The one that will get the most exposure for your property is a national multiple listing real estate web site with contents from all states. In order to have your home listed on a multiple listing real estate web site, though, you'll need to comply with their terms. Those terms usually include having your home represented by a real estate agent.

That doesn't mean that you'll be paying out 6-8% of your home's selling price to a realtor. All you need for entree into an FSBO (for sale by owner) real estate web site is a realtor who is willing to add your home to a multiple listing service. Most FSBO real estate web sites even maintain a list of realtors throughout the country who do 'lat fee listings' - accepting a flat fee with no further commission simply for listing your home with a multiple listing service. Others may do an exclusive listing with a reserve clause that you pay no commission if you find your own buyer. Either way, you'll generally get an individual page or pages on which to advertise your home for sale.

No matter how you get your home listed on a FSBO real estate web site, the content you put on your individual page will determine how many prospective buyers actually decide that they want to see more. Experts recommend that you include at least the following content on your real estate web site:

1. A professional photograph of the outside of your home. Do invest in a professional photographer who has done real estate web site content before. Remember, this photo is the first glimpse prospective buyers will have of your house. Make sure that it's as flattering as possible.

2. A well-written description of the property and house that includes the number of rooms, bathrooms, amount of land and any features that are of special note about the house (3 car garage? fireplaced living room? Central vacuuming?)

3. A 'ballpark' figure asking price to give prospective buyers an idea of the price range you'll consider

4. The location of the property - at the very least the area, city or town and state in which it is located.

That's the absolute minimum content for a real estate web site that you expect to help sell your house. But don't stop there. Take advantage of any special features offered by the FSBO web site to add more real estate web site content to your basic listing.

Most sites allow you to upload up to four more pictures in addition to your main listing picture. Most realtors recommend a photo of the master bedroom and one of the kitchen. Beyond that, they suggest adding photos of any particularly attractive features: a back deck, the view from the rear of the house, a Jacuzzi - anything that makes your house special.

Another form of real estate web site content that is invaluable in selling a house is a virtual tour. If you intend to offer a 360' virtual tour, shop carefully for an FSBO web site that includes one that is easy to set up and easy to use. There are nearly as many variations of virtual tours as there are web sites that offer them. Some use it to refer to a series of photos of each of the rooms and different views of the house. Others can be as complex as a point-and-click tour that allows viewers to 'walk' through the house.

Additional real estate web site content that you might list includes information about your town and neighborhood, the local schools and shopping and cultural events. Remember, the more information you provide on your property web page, the easier you make it for prospective buyers to make up their minds in advance that they WANT your house.


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