Ten Best Tips From Sell My House Online Sites

Sell my house online web sites, also known as FSBO (for sale by owner) sites, are one of the best new tools for the owner of a home that wants to avoid paying high realtor commission fees. Many of the best sell my house online sites offer more than just a place to list your property. You'll also find a wealth of advice to help you sell your home at the best price. The following tips that help you sell your home fast are culled from sell my house online sites that are top rated in customer service and assistance.

1. Prepare your house for sale BEFORE listing it with a sell my house online site. Selling your house online doesn't change any of the basic rules that you'll hear from realtors all over the country. Get your house cleaned up and make any needed repairs BEFORE listing it so that you're ready to show it immediately. Remember, you'll most likely be paying for a limited time with a sell my house online site. There's no sense in wasting any of it because you're waiting on repairs.

2. Price your home right. The price of your home is the biggest single factor in how quickly your house sells. The standard rule of thumb is to set a price that is within 1-2% of the price of recent sales of homes in your neighborhood.

3. Shop around for a sell my house online site that offers you the most service and exposure for your money. Not all FSBO sites are created equal. Prices range from free listings to listings that will cost you up to $2500. At the very least, choose a site that allows you to upload (or will scan and post) several photos of your home.

4. Get GOOD pictures. Remember, when you use a sell my house online site, your pictures represent curb appeal. Spring for the best pictures you can manage. The money you spend to hire a professional is one of the best investments you'll make. Make sure that you get professional scans on disc as part of the deal.

5. Get LOTS of pictures. Your online home ad can do most of the pre-selling for you. If you include great descriptions and pictures of all the best features of your house, by the time a buyer contacts you, they already know that they like your house.

6. Invest in a virtual tour. It may cost a little extra, but if the sell my house online website you choose offers the option of a virtual tour, it's well worth the expense.

7. Use a flat fee listing option with a local realtor to get your home listed on a Multiple Listing Service site. Many realtors will, for a one-time flat fee, agree to post your property to the multiple listing service. A listing with MLS will give your property exposure that you couldn't get otherwise.

8. Choose a sell my house online site that offers offline tools like professional For Sale signs and printable brochures. Remember, the more avenues in which you advertise, the more chance you'll connect with a buyer.

9. The more information you include the better. Use your sell my house online web page wisely. Link to municipal and town pages to make it easy for prospective buyers to learn about local schools and services.

10. Don't forget to publicize your sell my house online web site. Make sure the URL is on your lawn signs and in any offline ads for your house.


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